Minnesota Mounted Shooters


Upcoming MMSA Events! 

August 8th-9th   Running the Rock Creet    Pine City MN Flyer

August 29-30  Shootin The Range    Gilbert MN Flyer

Tentative Shoots Pending Board Approval: 
May 30th & 31st     Cambridge MN
June 6-7 Nevis MN
June 20th & 21st     Nevis MN
July 4th & 5th          Oak Park MN
July 11th & 12th     Northome MN
August 1st & 2nd    Nevis MN
September 19th & 20th Clearwater MN
September 26th & 27th Grand Rapids MN
October 3-4 Nevis MN
2 Shoots at the new arena in Beaver Brook waiting on dates.

Beginner Mounted Shooting Clinics
 May 2nd & May 9th


If you are an MMSA member and are involved in an event you feel would be beneficial to other members, please submit it to cmsamn@hotmail.com for posting on the calendar.  The events should be related to our sport and must be primarily hosted by an MMSA member in order to be considered.

Also, remember we have a Members Ad page, if you have something you’d like to post there, please email your ad to cmsamn@hotmail.com for posting.


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