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Wranglers are Cowboy Mounted Shooters in training. This is where the kids get to ride and shoot, just like mom and dad. The kids can be any age under 13, as long as they can safely ride on the back of a horse. If needed, the parents can pony the horse or ride along with the younger riders (limited wrangler class only) but they will automatically get a 60 second time. The older kids (open wrangler class) are timed just like the adults. They are required to follow the same rules as the grownups, including engaging each target with their Hollywood style cap guns, following the proper run of the course, following the instructions of the range master, as well as proper gun safety, in and out of the arena. At the end of the daylong shoot, the kids have an opportunity to shoot real guns, with parentsí permission and supervision. They shoot the balloons using real guns, while standing on the ground, eye and ear protection is required! Our Wranglers are a whole lot of Cowboy or Cowgirl in a little package!

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